Dear CLC Scholars:

This is a time of great opportunity for you to become personally and academically prepared for the future. You are preparing to lead for life, to contribute to your communities through service, to be more effective at your chosen life’s work and to have a positive effect upon the people around you. Preparing for the future is an exciting and challenging journey requiring you to work hard, be committed to your peers and to your program and to take full advantage of the opportunities provided. CLC is your partner on this journey. We will work as hard as you, but it is up to you to achieve your goals.

In support of your success, CLC Promises you:

Clear Direction: Communicating how to meet and exceed the expectations of the program, standards of performance, what you need to do to sustain your scholarship and what you can expect from and contribute to CLC.

Challenging Curriculum: Teaching you the discipline of leadership, the inner-workings of communities and how to achieve personal and professional success. Making sure you are exposed to excellent information and experiences that will help you develop the skills needed to be an effective leader.

Unwavering Support: Giving you feedback on your progress. Being there when you need help. Celebrating your growth and achievements along the way.

These promises to you are one part of what it takes for you to be your best.

    The other part is you keeping the four Promises of a great Scholar in CLC.

Commitment: Meeting and exceeding the requirements of the program. Always acting in the spirit of the program. Living by our Principles and Promises.

Responsibility: Being accountable for your actions. Owning your attitude, behavior and results. Following through on your commitments. Overcoming your challenges. Seeking feedback and challenging yourself. Constantly working to improve.

Giving Back: Living the intention of CLC. Acting upon opportunities during and after the program to lead and contribute to your communities. Doing your part to strengthen the program. Staying in touch and providing tangible support after you depart the program to help build the legacy and opportunity for other Scholars.

Ambassadorship: Speaking well of CLC and putting your best foot forward at all times while in the program whether working with non-profit organizations, businesses, the community or the University.

These seven promises are the ingredients of your success and the future success of the program. Keeping them is the source of your achievement and results. When we both keep these promises it ensures that we will reach our goal to realize a life-changing academic and personal experience while building and maintaining lifelong relationships!