Dear Investors:

Contributions from our Investors fund the success of CLC Scholars. While many of our Investors provide financial support, others generously give of their time and talent. Our investors are individual and corporate donors, university personnel, legislative members, community leaders and non-profit and corporate partners. Without your generosity of money, time, and talent we cannot keep the Promises we make to CLC Scholars.

CLC Promises you:

Clear Direction: Providing a clear understanding of our vision, how your contribution will be used and your role in the CLC Scholar’s life.

Preparation: Providing the knowledge and information you need to commit to and fulfill your obligations.
Unwavering Support Giving timely, complete and detailed feedback about the results of your contribution.

Recognition: Educating CLC Scholars and the community about your role in the success of CLC. Celebrating your support.

In addition to your financial and time commitments, we ask that you make the following promises in order to ensure continued mutual success:

Citizenship: Living by the Principles and Promises of CLC.

Involvement: Always looking for ways to support and enhance CLC. Taking the time to offer your ideas and feedback. Joining us in celebrations of CLC Scholars.

Keeping these promises is critical to our goal to achieve a superior investment in the success of future citizens, professionals and leaders.