Faculty and Staff

Dear UCCS Faculty and Staff:

The commitment, tenacity and enthusiasm of our Faculty and Staff build and strengthen CLC. With all of us functioning as a team, CLC is able to have a significant impact on CLC Scholars. Each member’s tireless efforts on behalf of the CLC Scholars, willingness to dedicate themselves to their success and commitment to follow through on all of the details are critical elements of our on-going success.

As a team, we have five mutual promises:

Clear Direction: Learning, living and teaching the CLC vision. Understanding how each of us contributes to CLC’s success. Acting upon individual roles and responsibilities.

Challenging Curriculum: Ensuring that we have the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to fulfill our responsibilities, keep our Promises to each of our stakeholders and build a strong community presence. Staying on the leading edge in the field of leadership.

Unwavering Support: Holding ourselves and each other accountable for keeping the Promises of CLC. Providing each other with clear and timely feedback on behavior, attitude, results and how we can improve.

Stewardship: Living our vision by practicing our Principles and keeping our Promises. Being actively responsible for contributing to CLC’s present and future. Seeking support when needed.

Involvement: Taking initiative; finding and doing what needs to be done. Offering thoughtful solutions to problems and concerns. Continually looking for, and acting on, ways to improve ourselves and CLC. Being active in CLC and in the activities that move it forward.

Keeping these five promises ensures that we achieve our goal to contribute to the success of CLC Scholars and our communities.