Community Mentors

Dear Community Mentors:

You are very important in the chain of support that enables CLC to accelerate the growth of a CLC Scholar. You are signing up to be a mature friend to a CLC Scholar who can benefit from your wisdom and experience. To this CLC Scholar you are a friend, role model, a source of information and affirmation and a link to the community. You have chosen to be part of something special and to be a meaningful part of a CLC Scholar’s life. We work as partners in the success of a CLC Scholar and define our partnership with four promises.

CLC promises you:

Clear Direction: Communicating your role in the CLC Scholar’s life and what is expected of you.

Preparation: Sharing methods, guidelines and training to enable you to become an excellent Community Mentor.

Keeping these promises to you is only part of our success. The other part requires you to keep the following promises to CLC:

Commitment: Proactively fulfilling your role. Appropriately engaging yourself in your CLC Scholar’s life.

Citizenship: Living by our Principles and Promises and keeping the Promises of a Community Mentor. Ensuring that the message of CLC is presented favorably. Providing ideas and feedback to CLC that will allow all of us to improve and grow.

CLC recognizes that you and other Community Mentors help make our vision a reality. The reward that we can offer you is the satisfaction of having made a telling difference in the life of a CLC Scholar.

By keeping our promises to one another, we will achieve our goal to have a successful and rewarding mentoring experience.