Community Board

Dear CLC Community Board,

CLC was founded as a way to accelerate the development of leaders of today and the future. Both the CLC Community Board and UCCS enhance the delivery of a particular expertise necessary for the success of CLC. Each ensures that the vision of CLC becomes reality by providing direction, resources, volunteers, oversight and accountability. Each entity has the obligation to work in harmony with the other.

CLC promises you:

Reaching Out: Letting you know what we need, asking you for help, giving you feedback and keeping you posted on our progress and success. Including you in our celebrations.

Giving Back: Keeping our Promises and improving the program through our participation. Contributing to the future of CLC.

Your promises to CLC:

Fidelity and Clear Direction: Learning, living and teaching our vision. Volunteering and listening openly to opinions and ideas and sharing concerns in a timely manner. Communicating our priorities, offering support to each other, being open to challenge and setting the example by keeping our Promises to stakeholders.

Unwavering Support: Being fully engaged in what we do whether acquiring resources, mentoring, offering internships and volunteer opportunities, selecting Scholars for CLC or attending CLC events. Helping us attract outstanding applicants. Building upon our connections in the community and offering time and money. Knowing our Scholars. Being visible to CLC Scholars, each other and in the community.

Advocacy: Seeking ways to serve and strengthen the program. Championing the needs of the program in order to acquire financial support, mentors, leadership opportunities, speakers and other essential resources.

Keeping our promises help us with our goal to achieve a mutually rewarding relationship.