Our Principles

These principles reflect how scholars follow through on the promises they make to one another.

Integrity: Strive to know and do what is right. Say what you mean, do what you say and be honest in all interactions. Always be genuine and forthright.

Respect: Show concern for the rights, values and worth of all people. Actively listen to others without requiring that their point of view agree with you own.

Excellence: Execute your commitments and evaluate your performance to the highest standards.

Service: Be kind, generous and compassionate. Contribute to the strength and well-being of others in ways that have lasting impact.

Passion: Act with a burning desire to make a difference in the CLC program, your family, community and work place.

Wisdom: Think critically. Exercise self-discipline. Use discretion and humility. Maintain a balanced perspective.

Courage: Challenge yourself and others. Be willing to take risks for the right reasons. Rise to challenges when shying away would be easier. 

Transcendence: Appreciate beauty and quality. Be optimistic and future-minded. Have a sense of purpose and live life with joy, humor and enthusiasm.