Chancellors Leadership Class


The program requires a substantial time commitment. This includes community service, weekly seminars, leadership courses, and mentoring.

As a CLC Scholar you will:

Participate in community service: Scholars have mandatory hours of service to complete each semester. On top of that we ask scholars to participate in a group service project. These group service projects are designed for scholars to learn about organizations and make a difference in the lives of others. There are many projects to choose from and we ask scholars to select group services that will be unique and meaningful.

Attend leadership courses:There are three required courses to gain comprehensive understanding of leadership theory. During the last year in CLC, scholars will take a capstone course that challenges you to apply leadership skills gained through college. For more information about the required courses click here. 
- Comm 1440: Foundations of Leadership

- Comm 3440: Organizational Leadership

-Comm 4950: Seminar in Leadership & Organizational Change

- Lead 4500 (Optional): Wednesday seminars may be taken for credit . 

Many scholars choose to take 2 or more courses to obtain a Leadership Studies Minor through the UCCS Communications Department

Attend Wednesday night seminar: Scholars are required to attend these seminars on Wednesday evening's to listen to inspirational leaders from the community.

Mentor incoming CLC Scholars: Each year incoming scholars are paired with existing scholars to work together and provide academic and personal support. 

Develop leadership skills: Scholars develop leadership skills by practicing effective communication, diversity appreciation, social responsibility, intellectual growth, collaboration, and realistic self-appraisal. This spring, for example, scholars will participate in etiquette training, learn about personal health and wellness, practice professionalism and public speaking, and gain knowledge about facing critical issues on a global scale. 

Chancellors Leadership Class
General Information: (719)-255-3215 | Location: Main Hall 310