The overall program requires a substantial time commitment - community service, weekly seminars, leadership courses, and mentoring. Many CLC Scholars have significant financial need and have more than one job. Providing CLC Scholars with a $4,000 annual scholarship enables them to commit to our program requirements while discovering their passion through service. 

As a CLC Scholar you will:

Take three courses in Leadership Studies to gain a comprehensive understanding of leadership theory. Throughout these courses you will study the leadership traits of current and historical figures while developing your own leadership style. During your last year in CLC, you will take a capstone course that challenges you to apply your leadership skills to a special project at a nonprofit organization in the community.

Participate in individual and group service-learning projects. These projects provide you with an opportunity to strengthen character, explore career options, learn about the needs of individuals and organizations, and make a difference in the lives of others. You are encouraged to identify and select projects in which you can make unique and meaningful contributions and then reflect upon those experiences in class.

Despite the fact that many of our scholars work part-time and manage heavy course loads, you are required to complete 70 hours of service each semester during their first year in the program. Most students exceed the required number of service hours! As you progress through the program, the amount of service hours required decreases to align with an increasing academic workload.

Attend Wednesday night seminar every semester. At these seminars you will listen to inspirational leaders, discuss current events and leadership ethics, and practice leadership skills.

Develop leadership skills by practicing effective communication, diversity appreciation, social responsibility, intellectual growth, collaboration, and realistic self-appraisal. This spring, for example, scholars will participate in etiquette training, learn about personal health and wellness, practice professionalism and public speaking, and gain knowledge about critical issues facing on a global scale.

Mentor incoming CLC Scholars. You will be paired with new scholars and work together throughout the year to provide additional academic and personal support. Community leaders also serve as scholar mentors to provide the academic and career advice scholars need to be successful when entering the job market.