Our Principles



Integrity: Striving to know and do what is right. Saying what we mean, doing what we say and being honest in all of our interactions with others. Always being genuine and forthright.

Respect: Showing concern for the rights, values and worth of all people. Actively listening to others without requiring that their point of view agree with our own. Being reasonable and open.

Excellence: Executing our commitments and evaluating our performance to the highest standards.

Service: Being kind, generous and compassionate. Contributing to the strength and well-being of others and our community in ways that have lasting impact. Assessing how we have made a difference.

Passion: Acting with a burning desire to make a difference in the CLC program, our families, communities and places of our life’s work.

Wisdom: Thinking critically. Exercising self-discipline, discretion and humility. Maintaining a balanced perspective.

Courage: Challenging of self and others. Being willing to take risks for the right reasons. Persisting in being who we say we are. Saying no when yes would be easier and yes when no would be safer.

Transcendence: Appreciating beauty and quality. Being optimistic and future-minded. Having a sense of purpose and living life with joy, humor and enthusiasm. Creating and living our personal vision.

These eight Principles guide our actions and are reflected in how we follow through on the Promises we make to one another.


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