Our Vision


Education is the process of turning potential into opportunity. The mission of the Chancellor’s Leadership Class (CLC) is to amplify the potential of CLC Scholars through opportunities for personal growth, leadership development and community involvement through exposure to unique curricular and co-curricular experiences. Our purpose is to prepare and develop CLC Scholars to be advocates for their personal passion and purpose in life.

Our goal is to help CLC Scholars realize their potential and become confident in their approach to life and commitment to community. Through committed academic and community support, encouragement, challenge and focused attention on each CLC Scholar we accelerate the development of CLC Scholars’ leadership skills, personal effectiveness and their ability to make meaningful contributions to community.

Founded in 1997, CLC is a premiere university leadership development program which requires superior academic performance while focusing upon accelerated development in the following areas: 1) leadership studies; 2) applied leadership experience; 3) community involvement; 4) personal and professional development; and 5) mentoring.

CLC Scholars from varied backgrounds, interests, kinds of accomplishment and financial need are eligible for the program. Applicants with a history of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership and community involvement are encouraged to apply. CLC Scholars are united by their belief that education carries with it the responsibility for personal improvement, contribution to community and tangible gratitude for their extraordinary educational and developmental opportunities.

CLC Scholars bring a rich diversity to the program thereby enhancing the CLC experience. The success of the CLC program is marked in the short-term by CLC Scholars feeling prepared to lead themselves and others and to make a difference in their community. In the long-term, success is marked by the reality of Scholars’ success and contributions to community and the future of the program.The success of CLC is measured by CLC Scholars’ academic performance, personal competence and contribution to community.

Success is achieved one CLC Scholar at a time by keeping our Promises to them as well as to other stakeholders. Our eight Principles guide how CLC works with each of our stakeholders: CLC Scholars, Community Mentors, Faculty and Staff, Investors, Non-Profit and Corporate Partners, the CLC Community Board and The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

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