Class of 2012

Alumni Profiles

haley fernandez

Haley Fernandez

Title/Company: Registered Nurse, Special Surgical Services at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Major at UCCS: Nursing

Favorite CLC Memory: My favorite memory in CLC was during my freshman year when ten of us went on a weekend trip with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado past Grand Junction on the Western most side of Colorado. After a long day of trail building when all the old folks went to sleep we decided to go for a walk and low and behold, we walked all the way to Utah (which ended up being about 2 miles away)! To this day I have a special bond with those other 9 scholars and we still love to joke about how we walked to Utah.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Change is difficult, but it's a good thing and it challenges us in unique ways. One of the best lessons I've learned during my time in CLC is to accept that change is going to happen and how you respond to it reflects your character and helps you to grow and learn.

crystal bay

Crystal Bay

Title/Company: 5th Grade teacher at Discovery Canyon Campus District 20

brittany hamby

Brittany Hamby

Title/Company: Tapia Advertising - Assistant Account Services Coordinator

Major at UCCS:Marketing

Favorite CLC Memory: VOC last year was an awesome experience hanging out with some scholars while getting to enjoy the outdoors and getting to know each other better.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Never give up. It will all be worth it.

robin grasso

Robin Grasso

Title/Company: Robin will be applying to graduate school to earn her master's degree in occupational therapy. She hopes to become involved with neurorehabilitation research and help people who have had strokes, traumatic brain injuries, or other neurological injuries regain their cognitive and physical abilities and independence

Major at UCCS: Psychology

Favorite CLC Memory: Playing card games with new friends at my first CLC Retreat

Advice for CLC Scholars: If you can take your hardships, overcome them, and turn them into inspiration for others... that is what makes all the difference.

cat jensen

Cat Jensen

Title/Company: Community Organizer- Intern at One Colorado

Major at UCCS: Anthropology and Women's and Ethnic Studies

Favorite CLC Memory: Participating in the 2009 summer international experience in China!

Advice for CLC Scholars: Get to know someone in the program and in the community really well. Keep focused. Trust and believe in each other.

brad jones

Brad Jones

Title/Company: Test America

autumm kruis

Autumn Krius

Title/Company: Regional Coordinator of Administration/ Mountain Pacific Troops to Teachers

Major at UCCS: English Literature/minor in Leadership Studies

Favorite CLC Memory: My favorite CLC memory is the dance party at the retreat in 2011. It was fantastic to cut loose with all the other CLC scholars in a relaxed enviroment. I think I learned more about my fellow scholars from that experience than from any other.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Figure out exactly what it is that makes you grounded in the CLC principles and NEVER FORGET IT! When you get out into the real world, it is going to be much harder than you think to stick with them. They will be tested, but if you weigh anchor in strong conviction, you will stand firm.

nick maurio

Nick Maurio

Title/Company: Memorial Hospital, Grad  RN

Major at UCCS: Nursing

Favorite CLC Memory: Campfire at the clc retreat

Advice for CLC Scholars: Enjoy all the time you have with the fellow scholars, these individuals will become your closest friends.

kristen ozello

Kristin Ozzello

Title/Company: Sports Director at the Briargate YMCA

shannon sirvaitis

Shannon Sirvaitis

Company/Title: Honeywell, Aerospace Division

Major at UCCS: Electrical Engineer

Favorite CLC Memory: Volunteering on an overnight camping trip with VOC on the South Slope of Pikes Peak with fellow CLC scholars.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Take every opportunity you have to network, build relationships, and learn about ethical leadership in CLC, it will only do good things for you in the future.

donald lee

Donald Lee

Title/ Company: R&D Engineering Intern, Spectranetics

Major at UCCS: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite CLC Memory: The scholar led seminars were my favorite experiences. It was always so inspiring to hear scholars within the program showcase all their knowledge and leadership experiences.

Advice for CLC Scholars: CLC is one of the most open and supportive groups of people I have ever been around. Take advantage and challenge yourself to grow on a daily basis.