Class of 2011

Alumni Profiles

Tara Carriker

Tara Carriker

Title/Company:Coming soon!

Major at UCCS: Business- Human Resource Management

Favorite CLC Memory: Volunteering with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and hiking across the Utah border with fellow CLCers.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Remember that you can't do everything, take on only the things that you can fully commit to.

Additional information you would like to share: Currently pursing Master's degree in Recreation Administration

Joe Griebal

Joe Griebel

autumn Hohulin Autumn Hohulin
ben jourdan

Ben Jourdan

Title/Company: Program Director/El Pomar Foundation

Major at UCCS: International Business and Finance

Favorite CLC Memory: Volunteering in Las Animas, CO for Santa Fe Trail Days and staying in a house, literally, 100 yards from a prison. Another good one was watching Jacqueline Bell (fellow CLCer) win the CLA Student Leader of the Year in 2010.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Don't let the little stresses of life get you down, especially those that come with the high expectations placed upon you. All of you are supermen and superwomen. That is why you got accepted into the program. But, it is ok to take off your cape sometimes and relax.

Additional information you would like to share: CLC is a great program and it changed my life immensely. I cannot say enough good things about this program and how well it prepares the next generation of leaders.


Andrew Kelley

Title/Company: Graduate Student and Teachings Assistant - Binghamton University

Major at UCCS: Mathematics

Favorite CLC Memory: VOC (Volunteers for outdoor Colorado) is always a fun trip, and the one we did during the Fall of my senior year was particularly memorable. One night, a few scholars and I decided to climb up a hill directly across from where our tents were pitched. As is usual for Colorado nights, the sky was perfectly clear, but since we were far from any cities, the stars were lit up! Hanging out with fellow scholars and enjoying the beauty of God's creation - yes, this would be it. David, King of Israel, (a former shepherd boy) got it right when he wrote in Psalm 19, "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands..."

Advice for CLC Scholars: In CLC you're given many opportunities for growth; take advantage of them. Right now you have a team of people who are there to help you grow. Be thankful, and make the most of it.


Amanda Luther

Title/Company: Manager at Juniper Wine & Spirits in Cody, WY

Major at UCCS: B.S. in Business Administration with minor in leadership. Currently working on my Distance MBA through UCCS with an emphasis in Management

Favorite CLC Memory: My favorite memory was at a VOC trip and it was pouring rain. We drafted a make-shift tent out of a picnic bench, tarps, and a car. We had a fire going and just got to know each other better as we waited out the rain.

Additional information you would like to share: Currently working on my Master Sommelier Certificate (which only 147 people in the world currently have) and am planning to write a cookbook for those who suffer from Salycilate Allergies and Intolerance in honor of my mom!

matt seay

Matt Seay

Title/Company: Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) at Lockheed Martin

Judy Shehane

Judy Shehane