Alumni Profiles


James Bjorklund

Title/Company: Manager, Fundraising Events, U.S. Olympic Committee

Major at UCCS: Mathematics, Minor in Leadership

Favorite CLC Memory: Helping to rebuild several Garden of the Gods trails with fellow Scholars for VOC

Advice for CLC Scholars: Take advantage of every opportunity, be sure to take chances and not be afraid to walk through the doors CLC opens for the Scholars

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Katie Collins

Chava Fox

Chava Fox

Title/Company: Evaluation Manager/ FRIENDS FIRST

Major at UCCS: Finance

Favorite CLC Memory: So many but the memory that sticks out the most is the bonfire at the end of our retreats. I was so inspired and encouraged by hearing my peers' hopes and dreams.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Embrace the moment that you are in

"CLC widened my view of different career paths that I can take. It gave me opportunities for self reflection and evaluation to find my passion."


Clayton Jacobs


Major at UCCS:

Favorite CLC Memory:

Advice for Scholars:


Jesica McElroy

Title/ Company: Director, UnbridledACTS and Executive Administrator, Unbridled Solutions

Major at UCCS: Communications

Favorite CLC Memory: There are many, but I think some of my favorites are from volunteering at Santa Fe Trail Days!

Advice for CLC Scholars: Look to your leadership mentors (professors, coaches, seminar leaders, bosses, etc.) and identify their great leadership qualities. These real-life examples will be a major learning influence for you as they continue to be for me. And don't forget to play a little :)

Aren Moore

Title/Company: Merchandise Integrity Manager - Nordstrom

Major at UCCS: Organizational Communication

Favorite CLC Memory: Wearing a tutu with my fellow male CLC scholars for a skit at the CLA Summit.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Enjoy your time in CLC and make the most of every opportunity.


Ian Swapp

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Joe Ziegler

Title/Company: Touring Musician/Leftmore, Custom Artist/TwoLeft Custom Shoes

Major at UCCS: Applied Communication

Favorite CLC Memory: The VOC trip in August of 2007 was one of the most memorable experiences of my entire life, not just within CLC. The opportunity to shape a lasting part of the Colorado landscape, getting to know some of the greatest people I've ever met, and becoming engrossed in the volunteer service were outstanding components of one of the greatest weekends in my life.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Be receptive to the opportunities and lessons that CLC provides. Actively pursue your passion, even if it changes throughout your time at UCCS. Realize that while CLC is a class, by definition, its tenets are also great guidelines for everyday living. The lessons you will learn because of CLC are lifelong if you let them be. I learned more from being in the program than I did from my scholastic involvement at UCCS, and I continue to learn because of what I learned in the program. I can easily say that CLC was the most important, enjoyable and fulfilling part of my college experience; and, it remains one of the pillars of my everyday life. Cherish every lesson you learn from CLC (some are harder to recognize as pertinent lessons than others...), because it will help shape you forever if you let it.