Class of 2006

Alumni Profiles


Hilary Archuleta


Martin Bromley


Charmaine Brown

samantha bruner

Samantha Bruner

Title/Company: Owner, Colorado Springs Food Tours & Alumni Relations, College of Business, UCCS

Major at UCCS: Business Marketing with a minor in Professional Writing

Favorite CLC Memory: I have so many fond memories of being a scholar that it's hard to choose just one! I'm proud to have been a part of the first ever Boots and Stars event, and it's been neat watching it evolve and develop over the years. I cherish the many hours of community service I completed with my fellow scholars including the building of the Red Rocks Canyon Trail. And of course, I can't forget how we constantly celebrated the principles of CLC at our weekly Wednesday night seminars by sharing "leadership moments;" so many scholars did such wonderful things to benefit those around them, and I was honored to be in their company.

Advice for Scholars: The CLC principles really are profound; consider them and instill them in your every day life from family to business to friendships to service, and you will find success.


Shannon Coker

Title/Company:Community Relations Director, Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado

Major at UCCS: Political Science with a minor in Leadership Studies

Favorite CLC Memory: Just one? Too many to choose from, but I'd say my most favorite experience was my senior capstone project working with the Colorado School for Deaf and the Blind. I connected with one of the student, Tristan, and will forever remember him.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Soak up every ounce offered to you. It goes so quickly and so much is thrown at you, but do your best to manage your time and try to be involved in as much as you can.

Paige Ferguson


Richard Hompesch

Title/Company: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Resident at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Major at UCCS: A Bachellor's of Science in Chemistry

Favorite CLC Memory: Building trails with CLC scholars in the mountains of Colorado


Ali Kintz


Ashley Mohr

Title/Company: Public Relations Manager/Spokeswoman at the Colorado Department of Transportation

Favorite CLC Memory: Making lifelong connections with tomorrow's leaders. No matter the industry, organization, or walk of life, the friendships and relationships I've made with fellow CLC'ers will last a lifetime and continue to help me grow long after graduating from the program.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Make the most of the resources provided by your peers. Having entered the business world years ago, I found that as hard as I studied and as much as I tried to prepare for my career, nothing was predictable or how I expected. The friendships with some of my fellow CLC'ers is what helped me adjust, learn, and become the person I am today both in my personal life and in my career. I wouldnt change the advise of my CLC friends for any textbook, presentation, or class about leaders; I'd rather watch them in action and bounce ideas off them.

" CLC pushed me to work as hard as I could personally and professionally. Also, it taught me that no matter how busy I am, It's important to try to make time for others and to give back to my community."


Jessica Rawson

"It challenged me and showed me that I am capable of more than I thought. I now can challenge others to do better and be better, often showing them they are capable of more than they thought. CLC is affecting and improving those around me still."


MIchelle Roepke