Class of 2005

Alumni Profiles

candince brandon

Candice Brandon

Title/Company: Math Teacher, Aurora Hills Middle School

Major at UCCS: Math Graduate Studies:Curriculum & Instruction

Favorite CLC Memory: VOC service projects

Advice for CLC Scholars: Be the change you wish to see in the world. I'd love to chat with anyone associated with CLC- past, present or future.

Email Candice at:


Crystal Bullard


Cecillee Duncan

Title/Company: Financial Foundations Specialist at USAA

Major at UCCS: Communications

Favorite CLC Memory: Rescuing a puppy on one of our volunteer excursions

Advice for CLC Scholars: Life will be unpredictable. Stay open to new versions of yourself. You won't always be who you once thought you were.Feel free to contact me!


Tiffany Pratts Briseno

Title/Company: Senior Business Analyst/TeleTech

Major at UCCS: International Business and Corporate Finance

Favorite CLC Memory: I can't think of a CLC moment that wasn't my favorite!

Advice for CLC Scholars: Enjoy every moment; it goes by fast! And never stop learning. CLC was an amazing time in my life and I am so proud to be part of an organization with so many remarkable people


"Thankfully, my time in CLC let me realize that negative feedback should be taken as feedback to help improve you and your work and not a personal attack. I wish that everyone could receive such invaluable trainings."


Nicole Valencia

Title/Company: XI-O Senior Engineer

Major at UCCS: Computer Science

Favorite CLC Memory: Watching everyone play the CLC trivia game I created at one of our retreats

Advice for CLC Scholars: "Never stop learning." "Dont get angry about things you cannot control."

Jamie Malano Alva

Jamie Malano Alva

Title/Company: The Boeing Company

Major at UCCS: Computer Engineering

Favorite CLC Memory: Attending my first retreat and meeting 40 new people eager and excited to tackle a new challenge.

Advice for CLC Scholars: The skills that CLC offers will help you to succeed not only as students, but for years to come in your professional and personal lives. Take advantage of every opportunity!


Rob Miller

Title/Company: Teacher, Mastery Charter School

Starting in July: Assistant Principal of Instruction, Mastery Charter School

Major at UCCS: BS in Mathematics, minor in Computer Science

Favorite CLC Memory: From the first day in the program, I met lifelong friends. We were able to share in our leadership journeys together and form a bond that will last forever.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Take advantage of every opportunity you can. From seminars to classes to volunteering, you are gaining valuable experiences and learning about yourself with each opportunity. Don't let them pass you by!

" Teaching in an inner-city environment poses daily challenges including time management, cultural sensitivity, professionalism, and maintaining balance. CLC provided me with information and experience to help in each of these challenges and gave me confidence to face them head on."


Tally Paulich

Title/Company: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Major at UCCS: Forensic Science

Favorite CLC Memory: There are many favorite memories, but one of the most memorable was volunteering with other scholars at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Advice for CLC Scholars: Do not be afraid to fail. Take a step of faith, it may just be the first step on the most exciting journey of your life!