Class of 2002

Alumni Profiles


Ricky Estevez

Tevea Loeumdelgado

Tevea Loeum

Title/Company: Counseling Psychologist at Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) at Ft. Carson, Colorado

Major at UCCS: Undergraduate-Psychology with Minor in Leadership Studies; Graduate-Counseling in Human Services

Favorite CLC Memory: One on one with Dr. Nadyne Guzman! She is a great leader, professor, mentor, and friend! I loved every moment I got to spend with her to talk about my career, love, friendship, and life!

Advice for CLC Scholars: Get connected with a mentor in the community! Be open to advice, recommendations, and suggestions from professors, friends, and family! Take every opportunity that comes your way and be passionate for everything that you do! Always be genuine to others but most importantly to yourself!Laugh often! Smile Big!


Morakot Masokas


Elizabeth McKinney