Student Directors

CLC Student Directors (StuDirs) and the CLC Director work as a team to meet the goals and objectives of the program.  Therefore, there may be unanticipated duties not listed under a particular Studir's responsibilities.  Studirs will be asked to attend a staff meeting every other week to discuss progress toward our goals and any need for assistance.  This is an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively to improve the CLC program while at the same time practicing leadership skills.

Student Liaison to Colorado Leadership Alliance (CLA)

The CLA Liasion is responsible for working with and connecting CLC to the other 10 collegiate leadership programs around the state.

Commitment:  2 years

Compensation: $500 additional scholarship per semester

  • Plan the annual CLA Leadership Summit. Responsible for the brainstorming, creation and running of this day-long event in January.
  • Create the CLA newsletter and help update all CLA social media.
  • Be able to meet monthly in downtown Denver and teleconference monthly to plan and report progress.
  • Work with CLA Liaisons from 10 other Colorado leadership programs to implement a connection plan to bring the separate Colorado leadership programs closer together.


Student Director of Program Operations

The Student Director of Program Operations works closely with the Director on virtually all aspects of the program.  There is a great deal of training for this position, hence the two year commitment if at all possible.

Commitment: 2 years

Compensation: Competitive hourly rate, 20 hours per week

  • Work with the program director to monitor the CLC budget.
  • Assist the Director in Board development and fundraising efforts.
  • Complete paperwork for payment of invoices, reimbursements, program donations, and travel for CLC.
  • Work on event logistics: room reservations, catering, AV, handouts, etc.
  • Assist in the planning of the International Experience from year to year.
  • Purchase office supplies as needed.
  • Post announcements on the CLC website.
  • Upon completion of above duties, work collaboratively with the Director and CLC Student Directors on other projects as needed.
  • Support the work of program committees such as the Retreat planning committee, the Holiday Party committee, the End of the Year Celebration Committee, etc.


Student Director of Recruitment

The Student Director of Recruitment is in charge of facilitating the process of CLC recruitment from marketing to candidate selection.

Commitment:  1 year

Compensation: $500 additional scholarship per semester


  • Work with the office of Student Recruitment and Admissions Counseling to schedule presentations by CLC Scholars at local high schools.
  • Work with a Recruitment & Outreach committee to increase diversity of applicant pool.
  • Coordinate faxes and e-mails to high school counselors to market the program.
  • Engage in communication and follow-up with interested students.
  • Work with CLC Webmaster to implement online application.


  • Assist in the review and creation of CLC marketing materials (website, CLC pamphlets, and brochures).
  • Review and update selection tools.
  • Coordinate communication with applicants regarding application status.
  • Assist in training selection process participants (application reviewers, interviewers, hosts)
  • Participate in all three stages of the selection process as needed (application review, phone interview, in-person interview).
  • Facilitate interview process by organizing interview times, panel interviewers, hosts, and other details.
  • Send thank you letters to interviewers with list of students selected.
  • Coordinate follow up communication with candidates post-interview.


Student Director of Scholar Development

The Student Director of Scholar Development will be responsible for projects related to the Wednesday evening seminars.

Commitment:  1 semester

Compensation: $500 additional scholarship

  • Plan and schedule CLC Seminars for the upcoming semester with the help and approval of the Director and, potentially, CLC Community Board members.
  • Engage in communication with speakers before seminar to confirm location, audio/visual needs, and to answer any miscellaneous questions.
  • Collect administrative items from the Director and Scholars and print out agendas for weekly seminars.  (Establish a consistent deadline and form of communication for agenda item requests.)
  • Bring a courtesy bottle of water and thank you gift to each CLC seminar as a thank you to our speakers.
  • Keep track of scholar attendance.  Maintain effective communication with the Director in regards to scholar attendance.
  • Copy and hand out seminar agendas.  Distribute and collect seminar evaluations and tally data.  Review the feedback and communicate with the Director regarding evaluations and opportunities for improvement.
  • Handwrite thank you letters to speakers and presentation leaders.  Mail within 2 days of their seminar.


Scholar Webmaster

The Scholar Webmaster will be responsible for the maintenance of the CLC website as well as the creation of new features when needed.

Commitment: 1 semester+

Compensation: $500 additional scholarship each semester

  • Maintain and update service hour postings.
  • Ensure online application process is smooth and trouble shoot when needed.
  • Ensure a consistent look and feel of the website consistent with the CLC Principles and Promises.
  • Add new pages to the website when needed.
  • Consistently review website content for accuracy.
  • Work with Student Director of Recruitment on R&O initiatives.