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Assigned Articles

The following journal and magazine articles are required readings for the course. 
You are expected to read the articles before we view the associated film.

All the articles can be accessed from campus computers by clicking on the links following each article below.

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Where indicated, the .pdf files for certain articles are  posted in Blackboard.


For a copy of the reading list in Word format: GES 3980 Reading List Fall 2012


Articles for week 2:

Pierce Lewis. 1979. Axioms for Reading the Landscape, pp. 11-32 in The Interpretation of Ordinary Landscapes, D.W. Meinig (ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

D.W. Meinig. 1979. The Beholding Eye, pp. 33-48 in The Interpretation of Ordinary Landscapes, D.W. Meinig (ed). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Maria da Costa. 2004. Cinematic cities: Researching films as geographic texts, pp. 191-201 in Cultural Geography in Practice, A. Blunt, (ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Europe ~ "When We Leave"


Taylor, Ella. 2011. "Faith, family, immigration and homicide." New York Times, 23 Jan: 11(L).

de Wenden, Catherine Wihtol. 2006. "Europe: immigration unwanted." European Affairs, Fall-Winter: 19+.

Lalwani, Sheila B. 2008. "The family name: honor killings in Germany." Kennedy School Review, 8: 109+.


North America ~ "Real Women Have Curves"

“The Americano Dream.” 2005. Economist, Vol. 376, Issue 8435. Jul 16.

Access in Blackboard

Lewis. Jenny. 2005. “Body Image and the American Popular Culture Landscape: The Shifting Identity of Your Latinas in Real Women Have Curves.” Americana: The Institute for the Study of American Popular Culture.

Shorris, Earl. 2004. A Nation of WASPs? Nation, Vol. 278, Issue 21, p. 21, 2p.



Middle/South America ~ "No"

Rohter, Larry. 2013. “One Prism on the Undoing of Pinochet.” The New York Times, Feb 10.

Henao, Luis Andres. 2013. "Chile Marks 40th Anniversary of Pinochet's Coup." Huffington Post, Sept 11.

Kendall, Paul. 2013. “How Chile's ad men ousted Pinochet: the real life story behind new film 'No.'" The Telegraph, Feb 7.


 A Separation

North Africa/Southwest Asia ~ A Separation

Hamid, Rahul. 2011. Freedom and Its Discontents: An Interview with Asghar Farhadi. Cineaste, Volume 37, Issue 1, p. 40, 3p.

Hayoun, Massoud. 2012. Is There a Lesson for the U.S. in Iran's Oscar-Nominated 'A Separation'? the Atlantic, Feb 15, 5p.

Romig, Rollo. 2012. Blood Money: Crime and Punishment in "A Separation." The New Yorker, Feb 24, 3p.


North Africa/Southwest Asia ~ "A Bottle in the Gaza Sea"

Jspace staff. 2012. "Toronto Jewish Film Festival: Review of 'A Bottle in the Gaza Sea'". Jspace, 17 Apr.

Brown, Nathan. 2011. “The Palestinians' Receding Dream of Statehood.” Current History, Dec 11.

Access in Blackboard

Vick, Karl, Aaron Klein, Ashraf Khalil. 2012. "The Gaza Problem." Time, Vol. 180, Issue 23, Dec 3: 4p.

Sub-Saharan Africa ~ "Hotel Rwanda"
Torchin, Leshu. 2005. Hotel Rwanda. Cineaste, Vol. 30, Issue 2, p. 46, 3p.

Destexhe, Alain. 1994-95. The Third Genocide. Foreign Policy, Issue 97, p. 3, 15p.

Townsend, Gregory. 2011. Epilogue to Hotel Rwanda. insights, Vol. 15, Issue 32, December 7, 4p.

Access in Blackboard

South Asia 1 ~ "Monsoon Wedding"

Geller, Conrad. 2002. Monsoon Wedding. Cineaste, Vol. 27, Issue 4, p. 43, 2p.

Access in Blackboard  (For edited version that doesn't give plot away)

Lall, Rashmee Roshan. 2006. Waiting for a Sexual Revolution. New Statesman, 30 Jan. p. 28, 2p.

Regnier, Pat. 2002. Local is the New Global. Time Europe, Vol. 159, Issue 9. p.65,1p.



East Asia ~ "Grave of the Fireflies"


Ebert, Roger. 2000. Grave of the Fireflies.


Rauch, Jonathan. 2002.  The Firebombs over Tokyo: America's 1945 attack on Japan's Capital Remains Undeservedly Obscure Alongside Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Atlantic Monthly, July-August, p. 22. Atlantic Monthly Electronic Article


Ross, Sherwood. 2005. How the United States Reversed Its Policy on Bombing Civilians. Humanist, Vol. 65, Issue 4. p. 14-22.



Oceania ~ "Rabbit-Proof Fence"

McGregor, Russell. 2002. 'Breed out the Colour' or the Importance of Being White. Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 33, Issue 120, p286, 17p.

Access in Blackboard.

Olsen, Danielle. 2001. Dividing Australia: The story of the rabbit-proof fence., Issue 14.

Robertson, Geoffrey. 2002. The Great Socialist Shame. New Statesman, Vol. 131, Issue 4613, p. 28, 1p.