Go to the "Films and Articles" webpage to access the course readings.

Place Name Competence

Take the Geography Zone's "Geography Challenge."
Turn in your top 3 scores.

Film Discussions

To help guide your preparations for leading the class discussion of your film, 
go to the linked

Guidelines for Discussion


Article Reflections

Use the linked

"Tools for Taking Scholarly Notes - or Reflections on Assigned Articles"

as a guideline for your reflections
on the assigned articles

Book Reflection

Use the linked

"Tools for Taking Scholarly Notes - or Reflections on Persepolis"

as a guideline for your reflection on

Book Review

Follow the linked 
PG Guidelines for Book Reviews
modeled after The Professional Geographer book review guidelines
to review

behind the beautiful forevers; Life,death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity
by Katherine Boo

What should your book review include?
Check out a sample book review from The Professional Geographer.

Attend film showings from the
Annual Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival

For details, go to the Film Festival website.


Free community screenings are offered throughout the community on Thursday and Friday. These free screenings include discussions with the filmmakers.

Community Screenings that are Free and Open to the Public: