Snow Day Change of Schedule
Tuesday's cancelled class means our semester schedule must be revised:

Thurs Feb 4: Europe Population and Immigration; Europe Geography Bowl

Tues Feb 9: Europe Map Quiz; Europe Be There! Presentations

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GES 1980 Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Absolute and Relative Location

Worksheet 2: Climatology

Worksheet 3: Sustainability and the Ecological Footprint

Worksheet 4: Population Geography


GES 1980 Exams/Assessments

GES 1980 Grade Menu


GES 1980 Final Exam:

GES 1980 Exam 3
Exam 3 - Question #2 Map


(.pdf documents - adapted from Pulsipher Website)
Map Quizzes Place Names

Quiz 1: Europe Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up Quiz: European Countries

Quiz 2: North America Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizUSA: States + Canada: Provinces and Territories

Quiz 3:  Middle and South America Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizCentral America and Part of Caribbean + South American Countries

Quiz 4: Russia Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up Quiz: Eastern European Countries + Middle East Countries

Quiz 5: North Africa/Southwest Asia Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizWestern Asia Countries + Northern Africa Countries

Quiz 6: Sub-Saharan Africa Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizAll Countries of Africa

Quiz 7: South Asia Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizAsia Countries

Quiz 8: East Asia MapQuiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizAsia Countries

Quiz 9: Southeast Asia Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizAsia Countries

Quiz 10:  Oceania Map Quiz

lizardpoint Make-up QuizOceania: Countries + Australia States and Territories