The links below take you to the associated website needed to complete each lab.
The labs themselves are contained in the lab packet available for purchase at the campus bookstore.

Lab 1: The Geographic Grid System - Links:

Lab 2: The Earth's Seasons - Links:

Mechanisms of the Seasons:

Lab 3: Insolation and the Energy Budget - Links:
EPA Sunwise Program:
UV Index

Lab 4: Global Pattern of Air Temperatures - Links:

Lab 5: Global Winds and Pressure - Links:

Lab 6: Atmospheric Moisture - Links:

Lab 7: Weather Systems - Links:
1 Dec 1998 Unisys Archived Surface Map

Lab 8: Climate Classifications - Links:

Lab 9: The Hydrosphere and the Biosphere - Links:
Drinking Water Quality Report 2010 (from the Colorado Springs Utilities)
Save Water, Save Money

Lab 10: Global Ecosystems - Links:
Global Footprint Network:
Global Footprint Network: Ecological Footprint Atlas 
Redefining Progress Ecological Footprint Quiz: