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PLEASE NOTE: CHS will be offering online courses through the Blackboard system beginning Fall 2010

Many of the courses offered by the Center for Homeland Security are conducted in a purely ONLINE format through Blackboard. These online courses are not self-paced independent study, but are structured courses with weekly lectures, assignments, and classroom discussion. The only difference between an in-residence course and an online course is that the class is held in a virtual environment.This allows students from around the world to interact in an educational setting that knows no borders to location or time of day. Students read the Instructor's lecture, engage in discussion threads, access assigned reading materials, and submit assignments at their convenience through this innovative educational portal.

Many CHS in-residence course instructors also utilize Blackboard for convenient distribution of scholarly articles assigned during the course. This saves our students time, and secures the copyrights of articles by restricting access to officially registerd UCCS students.

Before you consider enrolling in an online course, you may want to know more.
Please visit the site below to learn more about this virtual educational opportunity.

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