News for September 2007

National First Responder's Conference
September 5, 2007

The Center for Homeland Security will be co-sponsoring two events hosted by the National Homeland Defense Foundation, an organization dedicated to “Securing the Future of Liberty™ through the sharing of innovation, research, and education”. The events will be held October 1-4 and include the National First Responder’s Conference and the National Homeland Defense Foundation’s 5th Annual Symposium.

The National First Responder’s Conference will be held on Monday, October 1, and the scheduled topics include “The Impact of 4th Generation Warfare on First Responders”, “Building a Regional Response Team”, “Bio-Psychological Hazards”, and other timely subjects. CHS’s Joseph Ruffini will present information relating to his book, “When Terror Comes to Main Street”, and Charles C. Benight, PhD. Director of UCCS's Trauma, Health & Hazards Center, will speak about the psychological stressors common to first responders.

The 5th Annual NHDF Symposium will run October 2-4 and is scheduled to cover topics such as maritime domain/port security, an international perspective on HD/HS, education initiatives, “The Promise of Technology to Securing our Homelands”, a discussion of “Winning the War of Ideas”, and a Media Panel discussing the influence of the media on the war of ideas. UCCS’s Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zabalak, and Jeremy Haefner, Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, will take part in Day 2 discussions on the initiatives in HS/HD education.

New UCCS faculty publication on terrorism just released
September 5, 2007
Steve Boraz, a Center for Homeland Security faculty member, co-authored a new RAND Air Force Research report titled "Ungoverned Territories: Understanding and Reducing Terrorism Risks". To read the abstract, and for more information about this publication, please visit the RAND website.

CHS Instructor to Appear on CNN's Glenn Beck show
September 10, 2007
CHS instructor Joseph Ruffini will appear on CNN's Glenn Beck show September 10, 2007. The topic of discussion will be the current state of security in our schools. Joseph will also be discussing his book, When Terror Comes to Main Street, a look at how citizens can contribute to the security of the United States in the War on Terror.