News for October 2011

CHS continues long-standing relationship with NORAD and USNORTHCOM through training & education of our military leaders
October 3, 2011

The Center for Homeland Security, along with Staff, Adjunct Instructors, and its partner, CAS Group of Wyle Incorporated, recently concluded a series of training workshops for NORAD and U.S. Northern Command Headquarters personnel. CHS training

The series of six workshops was designed to provide academic support to Homeland Defense (HD) and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) operations. Each workshop focused on one of the Commander’s “Focus Areas” including: "The Threat of Terrorism”; “Interagency Relationships”; “Mexico, Border Security and Transnational Criminal Organizations”; “Cyber Security”; “CBRNE Consequence Management”; “Aerospace Warning and Control”; “Missile Defense”; “Maritime Warning and Control”; and “The Arctic.”

Presented in an academically rigorous forum, members of the two commands gathered outside of their usual workspaces to dissect and challenge current policy and their own paradigms. Outside perspectives were introduced by way of guest lectures from Emergency Managers from Colorado and Louisiana, Drug Enforcement and Border Security Agents, commercial airline pilots, and Merchant Mariners to name a few.

Students were exposed to additional perspectives through field trips to Emergency Operations Centers and their own Command Center, Islamic Mosques, and displays of local first responder and state civil support team capabilities.