News for May 2009

New, Coming Fall 2009: PAD 5953 National Security Intelligence.
May 18, 2009

Intelligence has been described as a process, a product and an organization. However you think of it, intelligence must aim at two goals: to inform policy and support operations, whether public or private in nature, intelligence is equally vital to national security and business competition. This course will introduce students to intelligence history, the theoretical framework behind intelligence; U.S. intelligence organizations; basic intelligence concepts and functions; discuss intelligence for national, military, homeland security, and infrastructure policy makers as well as to support business executives. This course represents the first in an anticipated four-course intelligence certificate program. It is designed for students interested or already working in government, law enforcement, and/or private sector security. It will provide students a broad understanding of subjects involving intelligence history, theory, tradecraft, policy, legal issues and application in the context of national and homeland security as well as competitive business. Students completing this course will become knowledgeable on a wide array of intelligence topics, and hopefully become better analysts and policy makers.

Pikes Peak Community College Gets CHS Tabletop Exercise Support
May 19, 2009

Center for Homeland Security personnel have designed Alpha-Point, an "active shooter" tabletop exercise on behalf of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office to provide emergency response training to Pikes Peak Community College Leaders. Alpha-Point is a four-hour opportunity for executives at Pikes Peak Community College to work with local first responders to test emergency response plans and assess assumptions about protecting staff and students at the college. Similar to Entry-Point, the 2007-2008 UCCS series of emergency exercises, Alpha-Point allows participants to examine a range of response options against the backdrop of a series of scenarios, all done in a stress free environment. The Department of Homeland Security lists a tabletop exercise as one of seven activities in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) --the national standard for all exercises. Through exercises, the National Exercise Program supports capabilities assessment so that strengths and areas for improvement are identified, and shared as appropriate or corrected, prior to a real incident. To learn more about HSEEP, click on Alpha-Point was designed by CHS colleague, Andy Cain, who is Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation (HSEEP) certified. Also facilitating will be Center Operations Director, Tina Markowski. Tina is a former first responder. Other volunteers from the community include FEMA certified trainers from Northrop Grumman and members of the South Central All Hazards Homeland Security Region, El Paso County Sheriff's Emergency Services Division, local fire departments, and the City of Colorado Springs.