News for January 2010

CHS Associate Director to facilitate the third iteration of the George C. Marshall Center's STACS

January 25, 2010

CHS Associate Director Kurt Johnson will participate as a lecturer and facilitator in the February 1-23, 2010 Seminar on Transatlantic Civil Security (STACS) at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Germany. STACS is designed to educate professionals from Civil Security agencies in Europe and Eurasia on best practices for ensuring Civil Security and preventing, preparing for and managing the consequences of domestic and regional crises and disasters. The program is designed to build trans-Atlantic partnership capacity in Civil Security. As conceived by the Marshall Center, civil security encompasses civil defense, homeland security, homeland defense, public security, civil emergency planning, and crisis and consequence management in response to all threats and hazards. The UCCS Center for Homeland Security helped develop the STACS program in partnership with the Marshall Center, and completed delivery of the first program in July 2008 and the second program in February 2009.