News for December 2012

Freshman Seminar 2012-2013

Freshman Seminar "25" offered several guest lectures while also providing new freshmen with information on campus resources including a campus tour, campus safety, how to register for spring semester classes and work with their academic advisors, and how to use the academic Centers for Excellence.

While encouraging and assisting freshmen during their transition to college CHS also offered exciting educational opportunities on timely topics applicable to Homeland Security. The seminar included guest lectures from both local and national figures who are both influential and highly respected experts in the field of Homeland Security including, Mark Cravens, Mike Noll, Adrian Vasquez, Ken Hughlett, Klint Janulis, and Kathy Bukolt. The guest lectures covered topics ranging from local law enforcement and emergency management, F.A.S.T (First Air Survival Training), and international terrorism.

Instructors also replicated interrogation scenarios and promoted student's critical thinking capabilities. Students of "25" were also provided with the opportunity to take a field trip to Denver to visit the CELL (Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab). The CELL offered students a firsthand experience of what terrorism is and what is being done to prevent the threat.