HSCI 6420 Principles of Medical Preparedness and Response to Specific Types of Disasters

These online-only courses are cross-listed for undergraduate and graduate study. Students successfully completing the four courses at the 4000-level will receive an Undergraduate Certificate and students successfully completing the four 6000-level courses will receive a Graduate Certificate from UCCS. This Certificate series is an academic collaboration between the Center for Homeland Security, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences – UCCS, and the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) in Denver/Aurora. Each course must be taken in sequential order, and courses may be applied to a variety of degrees at Beth-El and UCCS.

The third course in the four-part certificate series, this course emphasizes the understanding of the public health impacts of specific types of disasters, as well as how to prepare and respond to the medical consequences of each of these disaster types. This course begins with an overview of the public health consequences of natural and man-made (terrorist-caused) disasters, and then quickly delves into selected types of disaster events. Disasters to be covered include Pandemic Influenza; Emerging Infectious Diseases; Biological, Chemical and Nuclear/Radiological Terrorism; Explosive Disasters; Mass Shootings; Earthquakes and Volcanic Events; Hurricanes and Tornadoes; Fires, Wildfires and Lightning; Floods and Tsunamis; and extreme Heat and Cold events.