HSCI 6200 General Principles of Disaster Public Health

These online-only courses are cross-listed for undergraduate and graduate study. Students successfully completing the four courses at the 4000-level will receive an Undergraduate Certificate and students successfully completing the four 6000-level courses will receive a Graduate Certificate from UCCS. This Certificate series is an academic collaboration between the Center for Homeland Security, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences – UCCS, and the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) in Denver/Aurora. Each course must be taken in sequential order, and courses may be applied to a variety of degrees at Beth-El and UCCS.

This course is the first course in a four-part Certificate series in Disaster Public Health. This course presents an overview of the public health aspects of disasters. It is intended to provide a foundation for students to understand the basic components of public health during a disaster. After a general overview and introduction, the course will move onto the elements required for response and how these elements have been poorly or successfully implemented in disasters. The course will conclude by addressing the education and training required to build a strong core of professionals.