Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security

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The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, through the Center for Homeland Security (CHS), has developed a set of undergraduate courses leading to a Certificate in Homeland Security. These homeland security courses are modeled after the graduate certificate program developed in collaboration with officials at U.S. Northern Command and state/local emergency managers.

The three courses can be taken in any order and are designed to help students to prepare for jobs related to homeland security/homeland defense and emergency management/first response. As employment opportunities expand in the private sector and at all levels of the public sector, students who receive this certificate will be well-positioned to serve as first responders, analysts, information security specialists and consultants in the growing homeland security field.

Students successfully completing all three courses receive a certificate from UCCS. In addition, the courses may be used as electives in completing a variety of undergraduate degrees at the university.

CJ/PAD 3400: Public Administration and Homeland Security – 3 Semester Credits
This course examines homeland security and homeland defense in the context of the American system of government, the role of administration in government, problems in organization, and techniques of management. Course participants will gain an understanding of homeland security and homeland defense from the perspective of the primary federal players: the Department of Defense, U.S. Northern Command, and the Department of Homeland Security.

CJ/PAD 4400: Understanding Terrorism – 3 Semester Credits
This course will provide students with an understanding of the source of threats that may help them in developing effective methods of deterring, preventing, and defeating terrorist threats. Topics include the history of terrorism, psychology of terrorists, terrorist organizations and support, counter-terrorism organizations, weapons of mass destruction, and asymmetric threats.

CJ/PAD 4401: Introduction to First Responder Organizations – 3 Semester Credits
Students will analyze the policies and practices of local “first responders,” including emergency management, fire, emergency medical, and police organizations. The course emphasizes the formal and informal relationships between first responder agencies and the manner in which they interact with state and federal agencies involved in homeland security and emergency management.