Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Advising Brochure

Our Advising Brochure contains descriptions of our degrees, programs, and courses.Chemistry and Biochemistry Advising Brochure


Welcome and Introduction

Chemistry Degree Programs

B.S. in Chemistry: American Chemical Society Accredited
B.A. in Chemistry: General Option
B.A. in Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry Option
B.A. in Chemistry: Forensic Science Option
B.A. in Chemistry: Pre-Health Professional Option
B.A. in Chemistry: Secondary Education Option
B.I. in Chemistry
Minor in Chemistry

Biochemistry Degree Programs

B.S. in Biochemistry
B.A. in Biochemistry: General Option
B.A. in Biochemistry: Pre-Health Professional Option
B.A. in Biochemistry: Secondary Education Option
Minor in Biochemistry

Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) in Chemistry

Accelerated BA/BS-MSc Program

General Program Information

Chemistry and Biochemistry Course Descriptions

Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty and Staff

Science Center