Student Groups

ACS Student Members

The local section of the Student Members of the American Chemical Society participates in all kinds of chemistry-related activities (and throws in a few parties to boot!).

Gamma Sigma Epsilon

The Phi Alpha Chapter of the Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honorary Chemical Society was inaugurated on this campus on April 18, 2003, as the first such chapter in Colorado.

Student Awards

Each year the Department recognizes its outstanding graduates, as well as the outstanding students in each of its courses, and students who have received other awards and scholarships.

Please join us in congratulating the following students for their accomplishments during the 2012/2013 academic year.

Outstanding Graduates
Joanne Mueller Outstanding B.S. Biochemistry Graduate
Kassy Prescott Outstanding B.S. Chemistry Graduate
Brayden Hamill Outstanding B.A. Chemistry Graduate
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Scholarships
Brayden Hamill, Mahnoosh Malihi, and Kassy Prescott
Graduate School Scholarships
Ralph Galega and Morgan Pinto
American Chemical Society Scholars Program Scholarship
Santiago Bukovsky-Reyes
Outstanding Students in Chemistry and Biochemistry Courses
Laura Olsen Chem 1010 - Introduction to Chemistry
Sam Bodin
Jennifer Degroot
Chem 1017 - Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry
Janina Carson Chem 1020 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Helen Oexmann
Nathan Weeks
Keegan Shry
Chem 1030/1060 - General Chemistry I/II
Christopher Welch
Kendra Lesnick
Chem 1060 Honors - General Chemistry II Honors
Joseph Barnes Chem 1150 - Preparatory Chemistry
Kari Briegel
Mariam Loomis
Chem 3300 - Organic Chemistry
Caleb Rolsma
Joshua Ladner
Chem 3310/3320 - Organic Chemistry I/II
Alison Lanier
Mason Cullen
Chem 3330 - Organic Chemistry I Lab
Isabel Kirk Chem 3340 - Organic Chemistry II Lab
Caleb Rolsma Chem 3370 - Practical Organic Chemistry I
Rebecca Read Chem 3380 - Practical Organic Chemistry II
Beth Palmer
Isabel Eck
Chem 3400 - Organic Chemistry Lab
Roger Corvasce Chem 3410 - Environmental Chemistry
Kassy Prescott Chem 4010/4020 - Inorganic Chemistry
Kristina Barber
Simon Johnson
Chem 4170 - Analytical Chemistry I
Kristina Barber
Char Brecevic
Chem 4180 - Analytical Chemistry II
Morgan Pinto
Char Brecevic
Chem 4200 - Instrumental Analysis
Simon Johnson Chem 4250 - Mass Spectrometry
Emily Munk
Kristina Barber
Simon Johnson
Chem 4510/4520 - Physical Chemistry I/II
Emily Munk Chem 4540 - Physical Chemistry Lab
Kristina Barber Chem 4550 - Physical Chemistry Lab
Christy Asay Chem 4810/4820 - Biochemistry I/II
Char Brecevic Chem 4860 - Biochemistry Lab
Marcus Calvin Chem 4880 - Forensic Chemistry
Kassy Prescott Chem 4950 - Chemistry Seminar