Instruments & Labs


NMR, 400 MHz - Varian
NMR, 200 MHz - Varian
NMR, 60 MHz - Varian
FTIR (2) - Perkin Elmer Spectrum One
AA - Varian SpectrAA
Fluorescence Spectrometer - Hitachi
Polarimeter (2) - Autopol II and IV
Refractometer (2) - Reichert Mark III
GC/MS (2) - Agilent 5890, 6890
GC (4) with TCD - Gowmac
GC with FID - Varian 3400 CX
LC with UVD - Agilent 1100
LC with UVD - Hitachi L7000
Centrifuge - Sorvall Legend XTR

Laboratory Facilities

In the summer of 2010 we moved back into a newly renovated building. Here are some shots of our lab facilities.

General chemistry teaching lab A general chemistry teaching lab.
Organic chemistry teaching lab An organic chemistry teaching lab.
Research lab One of our research labs.
Two students hard at work Two happy students hard at work.