General Information:
Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social cause and consequences of human behavior. Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies; and how people interact within these contexts.
A B.A. in Sociology is excellent preparation for future graduate work in sociology in order to become a professor, researcher, or applied sociologist. The undergraduate degree provides a strong liberal arts preparation for entry-level positions throughout the business, social service, and government worlds. Employers look for people with the skills that an undergraduate degree in sociology provides.
Many students choose sociology because they see it as a broad liberal arts base for professions such as law, education, medicine, social work, and counseling. Sociology provides a rich fund of knowledge that directly pertains to each of these fields.

Career Possibilities:

Social Worker Criminal Justice
Community Counselor
Government Services
Health Services
Journalism, Publishing
Public Relations
Mediator / Arbitrator
Public Affairs Specialist
Social Services
Social Psychologist
Child, Family, and School Social Worker
Professor / Teacher
Medical and Public Health Social Worker
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker
Social Work Planner
Policy Maker
Probation Officer
Correctional Treatment Specialist
Human Resources Manager
Project Manager
Urban Planner

Applicable UCCS Graduate Programs:

M.A. Sociology M.A. General Psychology
M.A. Public Affairs
M.A. Counseling and Human Services
M.A. Communication



Median salary of child, family, and school social workers: $33,150
Current Employment: 274,000
Projected Need for 2002-2012: 111,000 additional employees
Median salary of medical and public health social workers: $37,380
Current Employment: 107,000
Projected Need for 2002-2012: 49,000 additional employees
Median Salary of Social & Human Services Assistant: $23,990
Current Employment: 305,000
Projected Need for 2002-2012: 202,000 additional employees
Median salary of mental health and substance abuse social workers: $32,850
Opportunities should be good in rural areas, which often find it difficult to attract and retain qualified staff.


UCCS Clubs:

Society of Success and Leadership
Chi Sigma Iota (Counseling Honor Society)


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