General Information:
Physics is the science of the natural world dealing with the fundamental constituents of the universe, the forces they exert on one another, and the results produced by these forces. Physics discoveries find applications throughout the other natural sciences, since it studies the basic constituents of the natural world. Physics is sometimes said to be the "fundamental science", because each of the other natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, etc.) deals with particular types of material systems that obey the laws of physics

Physics provides students with a broad understanding of many areas of science and skills in problem solving.
Physicists are good at looking at the big picture and seeing connections in the system they are studying. They are trained in examining problems from the realm of sub-atomic particles up to the scale of the cosmos. They have extensive experience in how to take a problem and model it mathematically so that a solution may be found.

Career Possibilities:
Physics graduates will not find as many jobs with the label “physicist” attached to them as some other fields. The physics major, however, however, is well qualified for a wide range of jobs with both small and large companies. Wise choices of electives to emphasize skill areas coupled with a physics major can give a student excellent opportunities for employment.


Air Traffic control specialist
Computer Programmer
Design Engineer
Forensic Scientist
Health Physicist
Research Assistant
Teacher / Professor
Technical Illustrator
Test Engineer
Medical Scientist
Life, Physical, and Social Science Technician
Geological Engineer
Atmospheric Scientist

Applicable UCCS Graduate Programs:

M.S. Physics
M.S. Applied Mathematics
M.B.S. Mathematics
M.S. Mechanical Engineering
M.A. Curriculum and Instruction
M.E. Aerospace / Space Operations



Statistics for physicists:

Median wages (2003)

$40.18 hourly, $83,570 annual

Employment (2002)

13,000 employees

Projected growth (2002-2012)

Slower than average (0-9%)

Projected need (2002-2012)

5,000 additional employees
Median annual earnings of astronomers: $81,690
Average annual starting salary offer to physics doctoral degree candidates: $55,485.


UCCS Clubs:

Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society
Math Club
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
Students Pushing the Limits of Advanced Tech. (SPLAT)


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