General Information:

A degree in Geography and Environmental Science gives students a distinct method of observation and analysis aimed at understanding human culture based on geographical landscape. Geographers use a spatial concept to look at the myriad of human and physical phenomena on earth and study the variations and interactions of these phenomena from place to place.
A degree in geography and environmental studies can lead to employment opportunities ranging from entry-level positions in government or business to a variety of professions requiring advanced study and training. With their combination of social and natural science knowledge and ability to use the tools for geographic research, geographers are invaluable to many segments of federal, regional, state and local goverments.

Career Possibilities:
Forestry Technician
Geographic Area Specialist
Map Editor
Travel Agent
Weather Forecaster
Environmental Analyst
Intelligence Agent
Land Developer
Park Ranger
Property Manager
Site Researcher
Wildlife Manager
Urban Planner
Atmospheric/Space Scientist

Applicable UCCS Graduate Programs:
M.A. Geography


Median Annual Earnings of Geographers: $56,290
Median Annual Earnings of Environmental Scientists: $47,600
Median Annual Earnings of Geoscientist: $67,470
Median Annual Earnings of Hydrologists: $56,530
Median Annual Earnings in the following industries:

Federal Government $66,190
Management, scientific, and technical consulting services $45,560
Local government $45,270
Architectural, engineering, and related services $44,590
State government $44,580

Beginning salary offers for graduates with:
Bachelor's degrees in geology and related sciences: $32,828
Master's degree: $47,980
Doctoral degree: $61,050
The petroleum, mineral, and mining industries are vulnerable to recessions and to changes in oil and gas prices, among other factors, and usually release workers when exploration and drilling slow down. Consequently, they offer higher salaries, but less job security than other industries.
Current Employment for Geographers: 1,000
Projected Employment Growth: Average (10-20%)

UCCS Clubs:

Students for Environmental Awareness (SEAS)

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