General Information:

Forensic Science, often shortened to Forensics, is the application of scientific knowledge to legal situations. The Beth-El College of Nursing Forensic Science program offers three options: Field Investigation, Forensic Chemistry, and Forensic Biology.
A degree in Forensic Science fosters skills in inductive and deductive reasoning, analytical thinking, rational reasoning, adaptability, attention to detail, and initiative.
Some common work activities related to Forensic Science include identifying objects, actions and events; documenting and recording information; obtaining,updating and using relevant knowledge, making decisions and solving problems; and interpreting and evaluating information. Something to note: forensic science technicians deal with collecting evidence from crime scenes, which can be extremely unpleasant for some.

Career Possibilities:
Crime Scene Investigator
Clinical Lab Technologist/Technicians
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Radiologic Technologist/Technician
Forensic Science Technician
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Medical Examiner
Director for Digital Evidence
Forensic Pathologist
Forensic Anthropologist
Fingerprint Examiner
Laboratory Director
Environmental Compliance Inspector
Fire Investigator
Forensic Entomologist
Forensic Psychiatrist
Forensic Engineer
Forensic Odontologist

Applicable UCCS Graduate Programs:

Graduate Certificate in Forensic Studies
M.A. Clinical Psychology
M.A. Sociology


Median Annual Earnings for Forensic Science Technicians: $43,200
Employment in 2002: 8,000 employees, primarily hired by state and local government.
Projected Growth: Average (10-20%)
Projected Need for 2002-2012: 4,000 additional employees

Because of this relatively slow number of available jobs in Forensic Science, considerable preparation is needed. Internships in Forensic Science laboratories or government agencies are very valuable, as can be a Masters degree. A minimum of two to four years of experience is needed to be considered qualified for the job.


UCCS Clubs:

American Chemical Society Student Affiliate
Anthropology Club
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society "Tri-Beta"
Beth-El Student Nurses Association
Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society


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