General Information:

The Distributed Studies program of UCCS is not a general studies degree. Rather, it is a degree that is structured out of courses offered by two or more programs. It allows more room to customize and create a degree specific to a student’s tastes, or a possible career track.

There are two approaches to the Distributed Studies degree:

1) Individualized Distributed Studies Programs can be built from a stand-alone minor from the following: Energy Science, Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, French, Gallery Management, German, Leadership Studies, Music, Professional Writing, Theater, or Women Studies.

2) Structured Interdisciplinary Programs are based on a standard set of courses and options. Currently, they are offered in Public Administration and Business Economics.

A Distributed Studies education track will have to be discussed with an academic advisor, and a contract will have to be signed.


Career Possibilities:

Because of the versatility of the Distributed Studies program, it is complicated to list possible career possibilities. However, some careers based on the Individualized Distributed Studies Programs options are as follows:

  • Energy Scientist
  • Social Worker
  • Sociologist
  • Interpreter
  • Movie Producer
  • Actor
  • Singer / Performer
  • Museum Curator
  • Gallery Management
  • Composer
  • Interpreter / Translator in French or German
  • Project Manager
  • Psychologist
  • Human Resources Director
  • School Counselor
  • Team Leader
  • Medical
  • Woman Psychologist
  • Politician
Applicable UCCS Graduate Programs:
M.A. – Communication
M.A. - Counseling and Human Services
M.A. - Curriculum and Instruction
M.A. - Sociology



Median Wages for Composers: $33,430

Current Employment: 54,000
Projected Need 2002-2012: 19,000 additional employees

Median Wages for Film and Video Editors: $41,820
Current Employment: 19,000
Projected Need for 2002-2012: 9,000 additional employees

Median Wages for Curators: $36,160
Current Employment: 22,000
Projected Need for 2002-2012: 9,000 additional employees

Median Wages for Actors:  $25,330
Current Employment: 63,000
Projected Need for 2002-2012: 19,000 additional employees


UCCS Clubs:

A.W.A.R.E(Advocating Women’s Assistance Resources Educ.)
Society of Success and Leadership
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
Student Artist Connection


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For more information, please contact the Student Success Center, Main Hall 208, (719) 255-3260, or on the web at http://www.uccs.edu/ssc/