General Information:

Chemistry (derived from the Arabic word chemia (alchemy)) is the science of matter: it studies the composition, structure, and properties of substances, the transformations they undergo, and the way they intereract with one another (atoms and molecules).

Chemistry also focuses on the relationship between matter and energy, as immortalized by Einstein's famous E=MC2.

There are many types of chemistry, though all of them fall under the umbrella of "study of matter":

Organic chemistry (carbohydrates, protein, peptides, etc.)

Inorganic chemistry (atomic structure, periodic table properties)

Physical chemistry (thermodynamics and quantum mechanics)

Analytical chemistry (chemical equilibrium, separation techniques)

Forensic chemistry  (clinical chemistry and toxicology)


Career Possibilities:

A bachelor's degree in chemistry or a related discipline is the minimum educational requirement; however, many research jobs require a Ph.D. Job growth will be concentrated in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing companies and in scientific research and development services firms.

Chemist Dentist
Environmental Scientist
Forensic Chemist
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Analytical Chemist
Science Writer
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Technician
Chemical Plant Operator


Applicable UCCS Graduate Programs:

Master of Science in Chemistry

Master of Science in Biochemistry/Biotechnology


Employment in 2002: 91,000, (44 % in manufacturing firms).

Projected Need for 2002-2012: 38,000 additional employees

Median Annual Earnings for Chemists: $52,890.

Median annual earnings in the following industries:

Federal government


Scientific research and development services


Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing


Architectural, engineering, and related services


Median salaries were highest for those working in private industry; those in academia earned the least.

Median Annual Salary for inexperienced chemistry graduates:

Bachelor's degree: $31,000

Master's degree: $45,000

Ph.D.: $67,500.

UCCS Clubs:

American Chemical Society Student Affiliate

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society "Tri-Beta"

Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society

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