General Information:

Biology is the study of life. It studies the characteristics, behaviors and interaction of all organisms in the environment. Biology encompasses a broad range of independent academic disciplines:


Molecular biology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics examine life at the atomic and molecular scale.

Cell biology, physiology and anatomy all emphasize the study of cells either by themselves or acting as a group.

Genetics discusses the principles of heredity.

Developmental biology studies an organism's development.

Ethology, ecology, evolutionary biology and population genetics focus on group and population studies and their relation with the environment.

Astrobiology, a relatively new discipline, examines the possibility of life beyond the Earth.

Career Possibilities:

A Ph.D. degree usually is required for independent research, but a master’s degree is sufficient for some jobs in applied research or product development. Doctoral degree holders face considerable competition for independent research positions, particularly in universities; holders of bachelor’s or master’s degrees in biological science can expect better opportunities in nonresearch positions.

Molecular Biologist
Chiropractic Physician
Marine Biologist
Medical Researcher
Forest Supervisor
Genetic Engineer
Biological Scientist
Biomedical Engineer


Applicable UCCS Graduate Programs:

Masters of Sciences in Biology

Masters of Sciences in Biochemistry/Biotechnology


Median annual earnings of biochemists and biophysicists: $60,390

Biochemists and biophysicists employed in scientific research and

development services: $64,390.

Median annual earnings of microbiologists: $51,020

Median annual earnings of zoologists and wildlife biologists: $47,740

Beginning Salary Offers Average: $29,456 a year for bachelor's degree

$33,600 for master's degree recipients

$42,244 for doctoral degree recipients

Employment in 2002: 75,000

Projected Growth: Average (10-20%)

Projected need for 2002-2012: 38,000 additional employees.

UCCS Clubs:

American Chemical Society Student Affiliate

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society "Tri-Beta"

Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society

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