Resume Format



Phone Number

Email Addresses



Other section headings:  Career Objective, Professional Objective

-Outline the kind of job you are seeking and how you can contribute to the organization.  Express the role from the employer's perspective--what's in it for them.

Example Objectives:

To obtain a full-time position in which I may increase the array of services offered by the company.

To obtain a public relations position in which I can assist in meeting organizational objectives.


Other section headings:  Licensure/Endorsements, Academic Background, Educational Background, Educational Preparation, Educational Highlights

-Schools attended, degree obtained and major

-List GPA if above 3.0

-Any special awards or certifications


Relevant Coursework/ Course Projects

-List special research projects, class presentations, research papers:  okay to include both group and individual projects


Work Experience

Company, Location, Title, Dates of Employment

-Description of job responsibilities and accomplishments.  Indicate how you may have helped the company achieve goals.

-Include internship positions

-In general, go back about 10 years, unless you have specific experience relevant to your job objective that you would like to highlight, even though it was more than 10 years ago.

Tip:  Consider creating a "master list" of work experience.  Keep in mind that not everything will appear on each version of the resume.  For each resume version, consider only listing 3-5 bullets per job.

Software/ Technology experience

-List of software/equipment used


Awards/ Accomplishments

Other section headings:  Special Honors, Honors and Distinctions, Achievements, Career Achievements


Clubs/ Organizations/Professional Affiliations

Other section headings:  Memberships, Professional Memberships, Professional Organizations

-Include both school and off-campus activities


Other Experience

Other section headings:  Special Talents, Special Skills, Interests, Volunteer Activities, Related Activities, Civic Activities, Professional and Community Activities, Additional Experience

-List other jobs that might not warrant a full job description

-List volunteer or personal experiences that would be relevant to your job



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