Cover Letter

Use the following format when applying for a job; make sure to attach resume.


Your Street Address

City, State Zip

Telephone Number




Name of person to whom you are writing


Name of Organization

Street Address

City, State Zip


Dear :


Paragraph 1:  Identify the position or type of work for which you are applying and where you found job advertisement/opportunity.


Paragraph 2:  Express the research you have done on the company and/or industry and why it is interesting to you.


Paragraph 3:  Divide into two columns.  The left-hand column will be titled “Job Requirements”; the right-hand column will be titled “My Qualifications”.  Use bullets for both columns.  This information can also be written in paragraph format, versus columns.


Paragraph 4:  Your Contact Information.





Source:  Jeanne Breisch, Senior Career Advisor, The Henderson Glenn Group.  Guest Presenter for Job Search Strategies Workshop, 2/15/05.