Inquiry to Company Letter

Use this format when writing to an organization that you are interested in working in, but there are no advertised job opportunities:

Paragraph 1:  Your research.  Example:  "I read an article about your corporation in X newspaper and I feel that I could be an asset to your company."

Paragraph 2:  Value Proposition.  This paragraph is dedicated to the strengths and skills that you bring to the organization, that they would find useful.

Paragraph 3:  Bullet Point Items to Discuss.  Example:  "If you are available, I am interested in speaking with you about the ideas I have for your organization and to learn more about your organization."

Paragraph 4:  Contact Information.  List your contact information as well as when you will be contacting the organization to set up the meeting.

**Do not attach resume when sending this type of letter!**

Source:  Jeanne Breisch, Senior Career Advisor, The Henderson Glenn Group.  Guest Presenter for Job Search Strategies Workshop, 2/15/05.