Helpful Hints from UCCS Alumni

It's a small world where people know people who know people who know you.

There might no be jobs available inside the Colorado Springs area - outreach to Denver, etc if needed.

Networking is the key.

No matter what happens, never give up your dreams, and never settle for something less.

Get to know the professors in your field and learn from them.

Intern through the school.

Try to enjoy the journey.

Take advantage of internships!

Be patient, it takes time.

Start networking your senior year: the current job market is very competitive.

My advice would be to start the job search at the beginning of the last semester. Try to get a head start. Also do internships.

Be 100% prepared for an interview at a job fair. Have your resume professionally written - it's worth the money and is a tax write-off.

Keep on trying until you have your goal in your hands: your diploma, a job, and everything else that will make you happy and content.

Check and and don't give up. Keep sending résumés and you will eventually hear back from someone.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you really think you are worth.

Mock interviewing during grad school helped take away the anxiety of the process.

Network, it's the key.

Join professional organizations and post your résumé in their résumé sections.

Networking, networking, networking.

Study for the LSATs!

Start early, but be patient.

HR never calls you back the first time. Or the first several times. You keep hounding them until they grant you an interview out of desperation.

For future RN's: don't be afraid to look outside of CO, sometimes they offer more incentives for new grads. Remember that money is not everything but a good organization with opportunities for advancement in the field is better.

Make sure if you are getting into a Master's program you know the deadlines, they may be sooner than you think.

Work hard and never give up.

No matter what, always continue to search for jobs when unemployment gets you down.

Start networking early on. At least a year before graduating.

Getting a dream position is all about who you know and being in the right place at the right time. Dream jobs are not advertised nor well known. Many are created from nothing by recognizing or convincing others there is a need.

Start with a temp-to-hire agency. They test an interview you so you only have to do it once. Then they sent you out to their clients for either a temporary assignment or a temp-to-hire situation where you and the employer each have 30 days to "try each other on" to see if it's a good fit. If it is, they hire you. It's also a good way to get experience in, and a taste of several different industries.

Take time to talk to the companies that come to our school because it really pays off in the long run.