Questions to Ask Employer

Hint:  When employers have supplied you with literature about the organization before the interview, they expect you to read it, study it, and formulate questions about it.  Asking questions that would have been answered by reading the brochures wastes the interviewer's time and does not speak well of you.  If the literature does not give an answer, the following questions are fair game.

Hint #2:  Don't ask too many questions, otherwise you run the danger of coming across as an interrogator, not an interested party.

1.  What will be my responsibilities and how will I be evaluated?

2.  What were the strengths and weaknesses of people who previously held this position?

3.  Why do you like working here?

4.  What do you wish you had known about this company before you began working here?

      5.  Assuming my work is excellent, where might you see me in five years?

      6.  What kinds of people are you looking for?  What sort of person are you looking to fill this particular position?

      7.  What does it take to advance in this field?

      8.  Has your company hired UCCS graduates before?  How have they done?

      9.  What do you consider to be your organization's three most important assets?

      10.  What do you see ahead for your company/organization in the next ten years?

Hint #3:  Do NOT ask questions about salary, stock options, vacation, holiday schedule, or benefits.