Interview Questions

The following are interview questions you should be prepared to answer:

About Yourself

1.  Tell me about yourself.
2.  What are your major strengths?
3.  What is a weakness that you have, and what are you doing to correct it?
4.  What can you do that someone else can't?
5.  Why should I hire you over other candidates?
6.  What qualifications do you have that make you feel you will be successful?
7.  What were the three most important events (decisions) of your life?
8.  Are you a leader?  Give me examples.
9.  What do you do in or with your leisure time?
10.  Tell me about an accomplishment in which you take pride.
11.  What magazines or books do you read?  Why?
12.  What qualities do you admire in others?

About Career Goals or Plans

1.  Where do you hope to be in five (ten) years?
2.  How much money do you hope to earn at age 30?  35?
3.  What does success mean to you?
4.  What personal characteristics are necessary for success in your chosen field?
5.  What are your career goals?

About School/Education

1.  How does your education relate to our needs?
2.  What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?  Why?
3.  What kinds of professors did you like?  Why?
4.  What is your GPA?
5.  Why did you major in _____?  Did you always plan to major in _____?
6.  Why did you go to _____ (school)?
7.  If you were starting all over, what courses would you take?
8.  What percentage of your college expenses did you earn?
9.  Do you have plans for graduate work?
10.  Are your grades an indication of your academic achievements?

About the Organization/Company/Position

1.  What position in our company/organization interests you the most?
2.  Would you make a good _____?  (eg.  sales representative, advisor, editor, etc.)
3.  Why do you want to work for us?  Why are you interviewing with us?
4.  Why should I hire you?
5.  In addition to the literature we sent out, what other sources did you use to find out about our company/organization?
6.  Why are you interested in this field?
7.  How long do you intend to stay with _____ (our organization)?
8.  What would be your greatest contribution to our operation?
9.  Can you handle the responsibilities of this position?
10.  In what area of the country would you prefer to work?
11.  What qualifications do you have that would make you successful with us?
12.  What are the disadvantages of this field?

About Previous Work Experience

1.  What has annoyed you about people that you have worked with?
2.  What have you learned from some of your past jobs?
3.  Do you work well under pressure?  Give me examples.
4.  Do you prefer a large or small company/organization?  Why?
5.  What jobs have you enjoyed the most?  The least?  Why?
6.  Do you like routine work?
7.  How often, and in what way, did you communicate with your subordinates and superiors?
8.  Do you like regular hours?
9.  What specific skills acquired or used in previous jobs relate to this position?
10.  How do you handle criticism?
11.  What do you think determines a person's progress in a company?
12.  Do you like to travel?
13.  What kinds of jobs have you held?  How were they obtained and why did you leave?
14.  What kind of boss do you prefer?