Behavioral Interview

What is a Behavioral Interview?

A candidate is asked about relevant past behavior and performance.  The operating theory is that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Questions You Should Expect

1.  Describe a difficult problem that you tried to solve.  How did you identify the problem?  How did you go about trying to solve it?  (Demonstrates problem solving)
2.  Describe a time when you tried to persuade another person to do something that he/she was not willing to do.  (Demonstrates leadership)
3.  Describe a time when you decided on your own that something needed to be done, and you took on the task to get it done.  (Demonstrates initiative)

How to Answer the Questions

Use the STAR method!

ST:  Situation or Task.  Describe the context in which the behavior or action took place.
A:  Action.  Logically take the interviewer through the steps you took to handle the situation or resolve the problem.  Keep you answer clear and concise.
R:  Results.  Explain your results.  Even if you weren't as successful as you hoped, it's important to make it clear that you understand the implications of the outcome and why it happened.

Adapted from Catherine Neiner's "Behavioral Interview Cheat Sheet"