Common Questions Interviewers Ask:
1.      What do you know about our company?
2.      Tell us a little bit about yourself.
3.      Why did you apply for this job?
4.      What are your strengths?
5.      What is your biggest weakness?

Good ideas for answers to the above questions:
1.      What do you know about our company?  Do your research.  Your answer can be brief, but indicate what you know and what interests you about the company.
2.      Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Concentrate on experience and skills that relate to the position you are applying for.  Focus on specific accomplishments and strengths that highlight the employer�s needs.
3.      Why did you apply for this job?  Refer to your career goals as they relate to the needs of the position and your growth potential in the company.
4.      What are your strengths?  You should answer with a skill or accomplishment that directly relates to the employers needs rather than personal attitudes or values.  Use specific examples.
5.      What is your biggest weakness?  State briefly an area that is harder for you, then launch into how you have been improving and that you look forward to the opportunity to work on it more.

Other tips:
1.      First impressions can make a world of difference.  Look professional and practice a warm, confident greeting.
2.      Listen!  Listen to what has been said during the interview then follow up with related questions.
3.      Be positive when talking about your school and employment experience.  You want to present yourself as a constructive and helpful team player, not a complainer.
4.      Prepare for questions the interviewers may ask.  Brainstorm your goals, skills, accomplishments, work experience, strengths, and weaknesses before the interview.
5.      In your communication, use job-related language and be employer-centered rather than self-centered.
6.      Do not worry about thinking for a few seconds before you answer.  Use silence to your advantage.
7.      Be aware of body language at all times.