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Always have a résumé ready.  If an opportunity lands your way, you can’t afford to waste time panicking.  See us now to develop a solid and persuasive résumé so that you can respond quickly and confidently. 

Resume and Cover Letter Help
For help with your résumé, please call for an appointment:  (719) 255-3340. 

Tips for Creating a High Impact Résumé 

  PowerPoint Presentation on How to Create a High Impact Résumé
  Top Ten Résumé Mistakes
  Other Résumé Writing Tips
  Résumé Sample Format Electronic Version
  Résumé Sample Format
  Summary Statements
  Action Verb List

Functional Résumé

 Functional Résumé Format

Federal Résumé

 Federal Résumé Format

For Veterans

  Civilianize your Résumé

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Format

Cover Letter

Inquiry to Company Letter (no advertised available jobs)
Cover Letter (applying to an advertised available job)
Other Cover Letter Tips

Reference Page Tips

  Reference Page

  • Select people who will say good things about you and can be contacted primarily by phone during the day.
  • Obtain their permission before listing them as a reference.

Other Résumé Resources

UCCS Writing Center - Online Writing Help Available!

“My résumé was a mess.  I had nothing to go on.  Then a friend said, ‘Try the Career Center.’  They were incredibly helpful, friendly, and efficient, and they gave me specifics rather than just throwing an idea at me.”  --Christel Dussart, art history major