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What is that Major-really?!?

It's never too early to draw your map.

Start early.  Ask questions.  Discover.  Then focus. Even if you're brand new at CU Colorado Springs, or in your second year here, the Career Center should be on your list.  You'll get the most value out of your academic years if you're studying exactly what interests you most, and learning everything necessary to prepare you for your eventual career.

IDEAL Approach to Choosing Your Major/Career

28 Credits 56 Credits 88 Credits 120+ Credits
Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year
Investigate   your own interests, values, attitudes, and aspirations. What do you really want out of life, and how will your 
                     career goals help you lead a more
satisfying and productive life?

Discover      career fields and majors. Match your own interests to the demands of the work world. Make a tentative decision about a      
                     career direction.

Experience  gain first hand experience in potential career fields. Volunteer, register for an internship, visit with professionals. Continue to  
                     develop relevant job skills in full-time or part-time work experiences, internships, or a University departmental position.
                     Confirm or adjust career direction based on your experiences.

Activate       your job search plan; prepare your strategies and tools. Contact alumni and friends. Begin developing a network of contacts.
Link             up with employers using every available resource. Use career center services to develop a personalized plan. Aim to have a
                     job offer before you graduate!