Strong Interest Inventory

In the wake of today’s rapid-change job market, the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument provides you with a solid, dependable career planning tool. The Strong measures your  interests in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. Its validity and reliability far exceed those of any other interest inventory:

  • Sample size is 13 times larger than that of other career planning inventories
  • Sample base represents a wide range of educational, ethnic, and socioeconomic levels
  • Instrument includes results on the 6 Holland Themes, 25 basic interests, 109 contemporary occupations, and 4 personal styles

Results are sent out for evaluation, and takes about a week to get back.  Six page summary sent back, with detailed information about students strengths, weaknesses, and possible career options.  

Cost: $15 students, $30 non-students